WW1 1914-2014

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                     WW1 1914-2014 COMMEMORATION- HARTINGTON

During 2014 the village will be holding a range of events to acknowledge this historic landmark. The first of these will be to provide the community with B&Q Poppy seed packets to sow in their gardens please. These cost £2 –all monies going to the Royal British Legion-  We wish to buy 100 packets which will be distributed in the following ways:-

– At the community Lunch on April 11th the children will give a packet to all the attendees

– The children will receive a packet to take home for their family

– The remaining members of the community will be able to collect their packet from The Post Office or the British Legion

To raise the £200 we would like to ask the businesses in the village if they would donate £10 towards the cost of these seeds. We have several individuals who have offered to donate also.  The seeds will be available from April 5th  please will you take photographs of the sowing of the seeds  as we want to keep a record of all the activities- perhaps a photograph when they are  in bloom also. We will be promoting this community event in various ways; websites, posters, local press etc. and would like to include the names of those who have donated, with your permission.