Hartington Community Group

Welcome to our Hartington Community Group (HCG) page. The HCG provides a forum for all community groups, providing advice and guidance to any groups across our community and supporting them with an opportunity for communication, cooperation and co-ordination. HCG also has access to funding if you are running a group or activity – see below.

Hartington has many groups and activities taking place across our community, catering for a wide range of interests, and for an up to date list please click here

More information on each of the groups can be found under the Community section from our homepage


Hartington Community Group committee members are: 

CHAIR-  Phillip Neal phillip_neal@hotmail.co.uk


SECRETARY- Liz Hitch liz.hitch@btinternet.com

TREASURER- Leon Goodwin leon.goodwin@gmail.com


A copy of our constitution can be found here with minutes of our most recent AGM here

Need help with funding?

If you run a group or activity and you would like to apply for funding, Hartington Community Group Small Grant Applications can be made using the form below. Be sure to read the accompanying Small Grant Application Criteria before applying. Both documents can be accessed from the links below:

Hartington Community Group Small Grant Application Form

Hartington Community Group Small Grant Application Criteria

Printing service

If your group has a requirement to print documents, the HCG can provide this to you. Current costs are below.

Please send your request to Leon Goodwin leon.goodwin@gmail.com 


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