Welcome to the Health and Social Care section of the website

Should you have an immediate medical need, please visit our In Case Of Emergency page for relevant information.

This is where you can find out more information about Health and Social Care support available in the local area.

This Health and Social care section is a project in progress and one that has been supported by our village volunteers along with professionals and volunteers linked to ‘Joined Up Derbyshire’s NHS Public Health and Engagement Teams. The project will hopefully reduce the gap in communications so people who live rurally gain equal access to the same information as what is received in urban areas such as  Buxton, Glossop, Bakewell and Ashbourne.

When clicking on the Health and Social care tab it will reveal different sections which should link you  to; Regular Health and Social Care Newsletters, Bulletins, Events,  Community Directories/ Links and an A-Z of local Healthcare Provision.

There is also an information stand located in Hartington Village Hall containing a selection of Health and Social Care, Community and Farming Life Information leaflets. The leaflet  selection will hopefully build with time.

We are hoping our links with the Health and Social Care Professionals and Volunteers will give opportunity for foce to face talks and presentations in our village hall.