James Campbell finished 8th in the World Junior Championships in 2006. In 2010 he was the UK Javelin Champion. After a succession of shoulder injuries he was forced to retire in 2014.

Tomorrow, on his birthday, he will run a marathon in his back garden as a fund raising event for our fantastic NHS. This auspicious event will be filmed and streamed live from 9.00 a.m. by Matt Quine (son of Al and Keith, Dig Street) on the Vinco website. Commentary will come from Alex Seftel and Katherine Merry. The run will last for many hours with, I fear, considerable pain being experienced, a marathon being foreign territory for a javelin thrower!

Please check the stream out on www.runjumpthrow.com . Spread the message as wide as you can on social media. Send in messages of support and wish  a ‘Happy Birthday’ for James while he runs. And please consider donating on James’ JustGiving page (the link is on the website).

We thank you in anticipation of your support for James and all who work in our NHS.