Respect the Community, Respect the Village, Respect the Countryside

There have been reports of a number of incidents of Anti-Social Behaviour around the local area since lockdown was eased and it is important that a message of respect is passed on.

If you are visiting the village please do so respectfully.

Please take your litter home with you, the bins simply cannot cope with the amount of litter being generated. Even when some villagers are carrying out additional voluntary litter picks the volume is simply too great. There are notices asking for your support posted on the bins and the benches and if the bins are full please do not overfill. Thank you to those who have helped in this matter and for those trying to keep the village clean.

Common courtesy says you should not leave any items that provide a health risk or which are are offensive. It would appear that not all have this courtesy which has caused some distress to local residents and businesses.

Please abide by the parking and speed restrictions but also park sensibly and safely for all road users. Parking on tight or blind bends is particularly dangerous.

Thank you for following the guidance from Derbyshire Dales and repeated

Thank you for helping keep Hartington a place that both locals and visitors enjoy being part of.