Completing Well Dressing during the 2020 Covid Pandemic has posed a number of problems but Hartington has managed to produce both a petalled well dressing for the main village pump and a painted well dressing for the School display. The following photos show the process and the final displays for 2020 which mark VE and VJ Days and the rainbow, a symbol of hope. Thank you particularly to Lucy, Mary and Janet for designing and managing the project and to all others who assisted in the process.

The preparation

The “petalling”

The Final Display

The dedication of the Well Dressing was made by Sarah and due to the Covid restrictions on gatherings and social distancing the construction, final touches and dedication of the Well Dressing, which took place by the Village Pump, was videoed by Leon. The video will be posted on this website later to allow all to see and hear it.

The School Well Dressing, a painted scene due to limitations posed by the Covid restrictions. The display including a Noah’s Ark and representations of the rainbow has been used to celebrate hope, and throughout the pandemic as a symbol supporting the workers of the NHS.