HARTINGTON VILLAGE HALL LOTTERY:  Karen and Jo  drew our September and October winning numbers this morning before the start of the Pilates class. Our September winner is Number 16, Emily Broomhead. Emily is the granddaughter of Liz and Brian and has just started university so we suspect the £100 prize will be most welcome. Our October winner, also for a prize of £100, is number 119 held by Marion Gibb of Hall Bank. Great to see both winners coming from long established families within our community. Our November draw will take place on Wednesday 8th November. There’s still £1600 to win over the next 10 months and if anyone wants to subscribe simply contact David on hartlot2@gmail.com .


We now have 112 subscriptions – a fantastic response from our community which has resulted in us getting a grant that has tripled the amount raised by the lottery.