Day 22 of Hartington Advent Windows 2020 “Christmas in the countryside” and today the window display is literally Poetry in Minton, Minton House. See the silhouette of the hare beneath the moon, read the words displayed across all three windows and enjoy the poem: Magical Mystery (a Hare Poem)

Magical Mystery (A hare poem)

By day I am a shadow that hides in the light,
By darkness a moonbeam that dances the night,
I am the spirit that runs with the Moon,
From Spring Time to harvest, in time
with Earth’s tune

I am the spirit of fresh greening fields,
I grow with the year till her harvest she yields

I am the last sheaf bound up with the corn,
The spirit of Earth, forever reborn

I am a shape changer, I change like the year
I fly as the Owl and I run as the Deer

The eggs of the Lapwing are left in my care,
For I am the Mystery and Magic, I am the Hare

So, if you should seek me lying close in my form,
I will run through your dreams from darkness till dawn.

Sharon L. Shute 1998.

Tomorrow the penultimate window of the 2020 Advent Season will be lit back at Bankside, this time No. 3.