Recycling rounds will be back to normal from tomorrow after some disruption caused by the coronavirus crisis. Our crews will always take excess recycling, but it needs to be presented properly please.

Additional material will be taken if placed at the side of your recycling container providing it is easily identifiable and suitably contained.

So please use transparent containers (such as stacker boxes) rather than black bags so that the content can be easily identified.

Any excess card, paper, magazines etc must be separated from other excess recycling, ie glass, plastics, cans, beverage cartons, aerosols and foil trays.

Flatten and where possible remove all staples and packaging tape from cardboard, removing all polystyrene and bubble wrap.

Pieces of cardboard that will not fit in your container can be flattened and placed next to the container for collection.

Large cardboard boxes should be flattened and broken down into smaller pieces no wider than 0.5m to fit the recycling compartment of our trucks.

Thank you 🙂