OK so we haven’t had Halloween and Firework Night is still to come, even the clocks haven’t gone back yet but it is time to consider getting involved in the Hartington Advent Windows displays. Some dates are still available for those wanting to volunteer to help light up Hartington between the 1st and 24th December. For those with an artistic talent have a look at the windows on Saltaire Living Advent Calendar Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/saltaireadventcalendar/ to see what can be done although the windows can be a simple or as ornate as you want to make them.

What is involved? For businesses and households it is probably nothing more than you already do. A Christmas Window display which is then “officially lit” on a specified date. It can of course be lit before and then go live as part of the Hartington Advent Windows on the agreed date when an Advent Calendar number is added to the window.

More details and an application form are in the current News and Views or an email to hartingtonadventwindows2019@btinternet.com with details of where the window is locartion and three preferred dates will suffice.

Small print – this is a purely voluntary activity and those taking part do so at their own risk and are responsible for fire/electrical/ladder safety for themselves and their display. Window displays should be visible for those viewing them from a safe location, such as a pavement.