Some may already have seen the message from Derbyshire Dales either on their website/through an alert from DDDC/via Hartington Community Group Facebook page. If not this is the message from DDDC for April 1st :

Here is today’s message re waste collections. In addition to your welcome support, we publish these updates to residents who subscribe to our free email updates at, on , Twitter and Facebook channels.

This is today’s Facebook post.

So… All household waste collections continue on schedule, but there are no garden rounds today (these are suspended until further notice), food is only being collected on the grey bin/black sack rounds (fortnightly) and only one of the usual five recycling crews is out collecting due to Serco staffing issues caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

You will note again the lists below include some locations where we state recycling collections will and will not happen. This is confusing for residents but it’s because some locations are served by two specific rounds. So some households in Birchover, Elton, Hognaston, Youlgrave, Middleton by Youlgrave, Winster and Over Haddon will get recycling collections today, but others won’t.

Serco’s reduced crews continue to focus on households waste collections – this is important from a public health viewpoint. This is why we only need residents to report a missed household waste collection at the moment (as any collection missed will not have been done deliberately). If you can, please urge residents to use the online form at

Also please encourage residents to sign up for our free email updates at

We don’t currently have the resources to go back for any missed recycling or garden waste collections and can only advise residents to stockpile or (in the case of garden waste) compost if they can.

As reported yesterday, some residents are also telling us they are running out of the biodegradable food bags we supply. In the current circumstances we are happy for people to put food waste direct into their kerbside caddy (it would be good if they could wash it out afterwards) or add their kitchen caddy to the kerbside collection. They can also use any biodegradable bag that conforms to BS:EN13432 standard, displaying the logo below.

Compostable bag logo

So recycling rounds will be collecting in :

· Birchover

· Elton

· Hognaston

· Middleton by Youlgrave

· Over Haddon

· Winster

· Youlgrave

Recycling will not be collected in:

· Alport

· Alsop en le Moor

· Biggin by Hartington

· Some streets in Birchover

· Bradbourne

· Brassington

· Carsington

· Some streets in Elton

· Fenny Bentley

· Friden

· Gratton

· Hartington

· Heathcote

· Some streets in Hognaston

· Kniveton

· Some streets in Middleton by Youlgrave

· Monyash

· Newhaven

· Some streets in Over Haddon

· Thorpe

· Tissington

· Some streets in Winster

· Some streets in Youlgreave

Finally, please note new CRM webforms and a new-look website homepage are due to go live at 10am this morning. We are working hard to ensure this goes smoothly but there is the potential for disruption in terms of residents accessing report forms and key website information (hopefully for a short time).