The Village Pond Facts

The mere is not leaking, but the water level is totally dependent (apart from rainfall) on the spring that enters the mere from Springfield House. This spring, due to low water levels is non-existent, therefore the mere will naturally dry out. Like many other things affected by climate change, this is beyond anyone’s control.

The repairs to the edge were to be carried out my a very skilled stonemason this summer, but unfortunately his health has prevented him actioning the work.

Fish should never have been in the pond and were illegally released some years ago. We removed the larger fish last year, but it was impossible to catch any smaller fish. A mere dependent on sporadic water levels is no place for fish.

We have previously contacted the environment agency and no work can be actioned, due to the possible presence of great crested newts, except in the periods November to February.

A special licence is required to deposit any residue silt if removed and no water containing chloride from any water treatment system is to be used to refill the pond.

The Parish Council will again consider what action can be taken when we next meet. We have already been given the advice that any major refurbishment, properly regulated, will run into tens of thousands of pounds.

David Annat