Hartington Advent Windows – December 2019. Application deadline Wednesday 16th October 5pm.

As part of Hartington Christmas 2019 we are hoping you, your family or business will prepare an Advent Window display. Starting on Sunday 1st December for the 24 days prior to Christmas and following the usual Advent Calendar format a new Advent Window will be revealed somewhere in the village at 5pm each day. Once “lit”, each window must be “relit” each evening at 5pm until Christmas. The location of each window will be announced on the village website, www.hartingtonvillage.com  & the village Facebook page (@hartingtonvillage) the night before possibly with a photo of the previous window. Each window will display a number in Advent Calendar tradition.

We are looking for 22 volunteers to accept the challenge to design and display their Advent Window, in addition to the ones at the Church and the school. The design brief for the windows is simple; to do something that reflects the festive season. For the competitive amongst you ……sorry, this one is not a competition! The window should be in a location that is visible and safe to view from the roadside and when displaying your window please take care with regard to electrical & fire safety and ladder safety! Using the application form from the front of the October/November News and Views or by the email to the address below, please provide three dates when you could light your Advent Window. Where possible we will make use of 1st choice dates but to ensure all days until Christmas are covered this cannot be guaranteed. If more than 22 volunteers we would ask if some would be reserves for this year.

We are hoping this will be a lot of fun in both the making and the display of your Advent Window. If you are interested in participating please submit the application form to Sue at the Newsagents or by email to hartingtonadventwindows2019@btinternet.com by 5pm Wednesday October 16th 2019. Contact details will only be kept until the windows have been displayed. Thanks for volunteering to take part.

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