From Emma Simpson – Rural Action Derbyshire

Solid fuel support for those off-gas grid

We have had coal donated by Homefire to support households that rely on solid fuel to heat their home.

I appreciate that as a member of the oil buying scheme you will use kerosene to heat your home, not solid fuel, but if you have family, friends or neighbours in Derbyshire who are on solid fuel and they are in fuel poverty (are on means tested benefit or spend more than 10% of household income on energy once housing costs deducted) they could be eligible for a delivery of smokeless coal. 

Contact me for more information 07540 736118.

Alternative Fuel Payment – £200 for those off-gas grid

The Government Alternative Fuel Payment for off-gas homes will be paid in February, directly into your domestic electricity account. You should not have to do anything. The Government has just released guidance for electricity suppliers on how the suppliers should implement this payment.

If you have not received the payment by March or if you do not have a domestic electricity account (if your home is part of a farm or other commercial business) contact your electricity supplier direct. You may need to fill in an application form online.