POLIO once the scourge of much of the world and still remembered by many is still active with a few dozen cases last year in Pakistan and Afghanistan. – Until it has been totally eliminated it is a threat to us all even though we inoculate all of our children against it to try and prevent its debilitating effects if a case should arise here.

Rotary the world over continues to raise huge sums each year to finance inoculation schemes and The Gates Foundation is a huge supporter and led by the World Health Organisation mass inoculations of children under five continue in their millions in South East Asia yearly.

In the Memorial grounds in Ashbourne this year crocus flowers are to be seen in their thousands and also on the roundabout near Waterside Park and on the green near the pond in Hartington. All of these beautiful flowers are as a result of planting regimes by The Rotary Club of Ashbourne.

 Why are they all purple – because when a child receives its inoculation then its little finger are dipped in a purple dye to allow tracing and to ensure all children are receiving the protection offered.

This is just one of the many charity efforts by the Rotary Club of Ashbourne in cooperation with the World Wide Rotary Foundation the charity of Rotary International – thank you all for your continuing support and wet trust you enjoy the displays.

Crocus by the pump Hartington