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Apr 2015/May 2015

Apr 2015/May 2015


 News And Views

Hartington, Biggin, Earl Sterndale

From The Vicar

……..their cry goes up, “How long?”

I wonder when England will next see a religious revival.

It is about 110 years since one of the last great revivals in Britain – that in Wales in 1904-05. Instrumental in that revival was a coalminer in his twenties named Evan Roberts. Who can say when the next revival will start or from what quarter it will come?

Church attendance in Britain, in general, has been in decline since the end of the Victorian period and this trend shows no sign of reversal, yet. It is surprising but true that towards the end of the long Georgian era many observers of society were convinced that organised religion in England was in terminal decline and would actually expire within a generation. How wrong they were!

In the course of the C19th an unexpected revival of faith arose from several quarters. The Non-Conformist fervour enriched the national life – and the national Church, the Church of England. Later in the Victorian period the other end of the religious spectrum saw a renewed enthusiasm in the form of the High Church Movement. The same century saw almost countless energetic new programmes of construction and renovation of church buildings – and remarkable levels of Church attendance. Christian ideas about morality and charity began to permeate society in a new way. Missionary activity had remarkable success in what we now call the ‘third world’; millions more souls were brought into the fold. The Churches at home tackled social evils with a new will. In many rural areas the clergy rolled up their sleeves and busied themselves with the provision of elementary education for the masses. And remember, all this success was unforeseen in the despondency of the previous century!

The fortunes of religion rise and fall over centuries – we need to take the ‘long view’ – after all, the church has persisted (often against fearsome odds) over twenty centuries. As I delight in telling congregations, the Christian Faith is at present spreading like wildfire in China of all places!

I am cautiously optimistic – there’s much evidence that folk in the West are beginning to look for spiritual meaning in their lives, in the loosest sense of ‘spiritual’. Go into any major bookshop and look at the shelves of new titles under the broad heading ‘spirituality’. Admittedly, many of these books are concerned with the weird and wonderful – like crystals and angels – and the exotic – like Eastern religions. Most young searchers are not yet looking to the Christian religion of the West for truth and meaning; at the moment it’s still too close to them and is ‘old hat’; but it’s there just waiting, in all its richness, to be discovered as though it were something new.

I hope to live to see a major religious revival in England; I don’t imagine it will be much like the revivals in the past – nor do I think I’d like it to be. If I reach old age and find that the present decline has continued, I shall be very surprised (and disappointed!).

This said, leaving aside the right social conditions and the efforts of believers, these matters are primarily in the hands of God. The Holy Spirit, we are told, is like the wind – it blows where it jolly well likes and when it chooses to. The ship of the Church may be somewhat becalmed at the moment- but I’ve no doubt that there’ll be another gale along soon and God knows where it’ll take us!

Richard Benson,

Vicar of the White Group of Parishes.




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Anyone with any questions or problems
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On 21.1.15 we participated in the QEGS cluster Basketball festival for years 5/6. The following children participated- Amy Freeman, Tom Wager, Josh Wright, George Wigham, Oliver McCurrach, Harriet Pearson, Nikita Hind and Courtney Slack They finished 2nd in their section which was an exceptional performance as many of them are year 4. Results- Osmaston a 0-6; Osmaston b 4-4, Norbury-  8-8, Marston- 10-5, Kniveton-0-8, Longford- 8-0.

On 3.3.15 we participated in the QEGS cluster- Year 3&4- High 5 Netball Festival- the following pupils played– Josh & Sam Wright, Jacob Blackwell, Rhemani  Morby, Jacob Adams, Abigail McCurrach, Jasmine Leslie, Jasmine McCarthy, Harriet Pearson and Annabelle Garlick.  Results- Norbury- 0-0, Parwich- 2-3, Parkside -2-3, Brailsford-2-3. Well done to all these young people, they played with great teamwork and skill.

Liz Broomhead





APRIL 24th  – Community Lunch- 12noon- School                                                                             22nd –  Parish Council                                                                                                                   25th– Oddfellows Disco –   Village Hall Caroline Parsons                                                                  Sandra Hampson                                                                              Richard Craven
MAY 4th –May Market   –  Village Hall                                                                                                                                                                                                                               13th -Parish Council –   Bakehouse                                                                                                                       8th -Community Lunch- 12noon- School                                                                                 22nd – Community Lunch- 12noon- School                                                                                  29/30 YHA Beer Festival Bel Kerr                                                                                  Sandra Hampson                                                                              Caroline Parsons                                                                  Caroline Parsons                                                                     Heidi


Thank you- Mrs Marie Deaville would like to say a hearty thank you for so much kindness in celebrating her 90th birthday and we were blessed with good weather. I very much appreciate it all. There are 63 cards on the kitchen walls which will stay there for quite a while- they are so lovely- the kitchen has never looked so good.

St Giles Church PCC AGM and Meeting- took place on Wednesday 25th March in the Bakehouse- Village Hall- 6.30pm

May Market- Monday 4th May- Hartington Village Hall- 10am- 4pm. 

As in previous years any donations of plants, and quality bric-a-brac, cakes, pickles, jams, tombola prizes as well as books will be gratefully received. Please price and bring to the Village hall on Sunday afternoon after 5pm. Your support on the day will be very much appreciated; all funds raised will be used towards the flower festival

Bel Kerr

St Giles Church Flower Festival 2015

A meeting was held in St Giles Church on Sunday 8th March after morning service, my thanks to those who stayed behind in order to attend the meeting. The theme for this year is “1915 Remembered”- (from Gallipoli to W. G. Grace, so it is not all war related but obviously must be acknowledged).

The festival will be run from June 5-9th 10-5pm during which hours the church will be open and stewards will be needed on a daily basis. Please make a note of the dates in your diaries and if you can offer up some of your precious time, please do. Practical help with preparation is always welcome too, none of us are professionals, so no thinking -“I am not good enough”- it is also good fun and friendly! The village hall will be open every day and tempting cakes, and biscuits and willing hands will be needed in there as well- my grateful thanks for all offers of help goes without saying. PLUS- if you can loan any of the following I would be very pleased! ………. Early copies of Wisden and 1900’s cricketing regalia, Early copies of Ladybird books and Mad Hatters Hat as well as cigarette packets, WW1 masks, posters etc

Sarah Lacey

Hartington Community Group- Report from AGM & Meeting 16-2-15

This was well attended by all the various group representatives. The accounts are healthy and the chairs report confirmed a great year of activity in 2014 especially around the WW1 1914-2014 commemoration. The plans for this year are confirmed and we look forward to all working together for another successful year of community activity

Liz Broomhead


Diary Crest Development Outcome of Planning Meeting- Dairy Crest Site

The latest Application for 26 Houses (which was item 13 on their agenda of Friday 13th February) was firmly rejected by the Peak Park Planning Committee. This, despite the fact that PDNPA Planners had recommended approval. 10 members of the Village spoke against the Application and their efforts were recognised by the CPRE (Friends of the Peak Park) in their February newsletter with the headline; SUCCESS in Hartington for co-ordinated community action!!

They continued; “We were really impressed by the local community’s approach to the case: they are not against development but eloquently expressed why this proposal is not acceptable and articulated their desire to see more young families move into Hartington, and breathe fresh life into the village. They co-ordinated their objections, turned out in force to the Planning Committee, and struck a chord with the members. It was a brilliant case study in how to influence local decision-making.” The Chairman of the Planning Committee Paul Ancell said: “We want what’s best for the national park and for Hartington and unfortunately this scheme is not it. The size and scale, design, sitting, layout and landscaping for the proposed development, were not in keeping with local building traditions, and would be insensitive to the distinctive character of its landscape setting and the settlement’s overall pattern of development. The Dove Dairy Site does need developing – we’re all agreed on that – and it is suitable for housing development, but we were not convinced that this is the best scheme we can get for this historic village and its community. “We need to see a development that enhances the Dove Valley’s historic landscape and the existing village, and brings benefits to the local community.”

The Parish Council will continue to press for a smaller scheme with a better mix of housing that will enhance our Village, rather than the isolated estate of over large mock Georgian houses proposed.

David Annat

Hartington Church of England School

The Community Lunches continue to go from strength to strength; please ensure when you have booked, that you inform the school asap if you are unable to attend.

During these sessions a raffle is held run by the children -the profits made will be used to buy resources and equipment for the children.

Mrs  Bel  Kerr, through the sales of her book “Worth Remembering” has raised £132. These funds will be used on the WW1 &WW2 projects held in 2015.

As part of the Peak Park Award we have made 4 bird boxes, which have been sited  at the YHA and at school. We will be monitoring their use.

Students have enjoyed two special afternoons of African dance, sport, story and art, alongside youngsters from Taddington and Priestcliffe C of E Primary School. The sessions saw students learn a special African themed dance called Footballer’s Journey, to coincide with the Africa Cup of Nations which was taking place at the time.

There were also short story sessions and pupils got the chance to create traditional African outfits using authentic fabric.

Children also enjoyed an art session which saw them working with brown paint to represent mud. They applied it to calico cloth with their fingers and used a stick to etch in African patterns.

The sessions were organised by Bemma Akyeampon, of African Ark, based in Nottingham.

Bemma, who originates from Ghana on the West Coast of Africa, said: “The aim of African Ark is to provide quality African and Caribbean experiences to youngsters, by giving workshops in varied art forms, including dance, music, art, storytelling, music and performance.”

“I want children to get an understanding of life in Africa – break down barriers and remove stereotypes – and for them to enjoy themselves.”

Pupils, Sam Wright, 7, and Josh Wright, 9, said: “It was enjoyable, exciting and energetic.”

Niamh Mellor, 6, said: “My favourite bit was the painting on cloth and making patterns on it with a sharp stick.”

Teaching Assistant, Mary Teeboon said: “We had two fantastic afternoons– it was really good to meet other local students whilst really enjoying Bemma’s activities and embracing African culture.”


BHF Swimathon- HYPAC and Hartington School- Hartington School came first again with only Isaac Blackwell not able to swim with a broken arm. Teaching Assistant Mrs Mary Teeboon added to the numbers as well as one older pupil with a grey beard- Mr John Dean.

The club trophy was won by MAD Swimming Club who had two children swimming because their grandmother had a quadruple by-pass and was there to cheer them on.   They had other swimmers and their total was marginally above HYPAC’s.

The business trophy was won by Fowkes and Sharpe, decorators. The total raised will be just under £3000. This year’s swim will be on Saturday  10th October at Arc Leisure Centre, Matlock.

Hartington History Group- We are meeting regularly with the focus on John Bob Sherratts’ diary 1933-1955. It is a fascinating account of life in Hartington during these years. We hope to be able to produce this later this year. We are keen to be able to access any documents/ photographs you may have which reflect the life of people and places in Hartington during the 20th Century- we will copy and return. If you can help please contact Liz Broomhead 01298 687263

Vacancy to join Hartington Sculpture Group -Due to a member moving from the Area we can accommodate another person in our stone and wood carving group, which meets on Thursdays in the studio behind Rooks’ Café. There are currently 3 men and 5 ladies in the group which includes Jennie Dullage, Philip Goodwin and Lucy and David Annat from Hartington. Hours are 10am to 4pm and tea and coffee are provided.

Stone carving is extremely satisfying, less hard work than it sounds and you do not need to be artistic to succeed. Tools and equipment will be provided while a person is learning. It costs just £10 for the day which goes towards the rent and running of the Studio. There is no requirement to come every week and you only pay for those days you attend. Everyone who has tried carving agrees it is a brilliant hobby – so why not contact   David Annat on 01298 84625 and give it a go.

Hartington Wakes and Sports Dinner Dance 6.3.15 – The ‘Hartington Wakes Sports and Country Show’ Dinner Dance which took place on the 6th March was well attended with around 120 guests. For the first time in its new venue of Hartington Village Hall the evening included a three course dinner, cheese boards with coffee and mints to finish. Entertainment included a Disco, a Raffle, and roll a pound for a bottle of whiskey which had many lining up for the chance of a win! The raffle was also very popular with many kind donations and vouchers from local businesses and individuals, which the committee would like to express their many thanks too.

‘Woodland Caterers’ provided an excellent meal with a service to match which created a great atmosphere throughout the evening. The committee would lastly like to say thank you to our President Mr David Annat for a great speech, Harold, Jill and Andrew for providing and running the bar, and to everyone who attended which made the evening such a success, we hope to see you all again next year!   Sarah Bates

Derbyshire Life Magazine- April Edition- Please keep a look out for this as it will have a feature on Hartington Church of England Primary School- it will be the 150th Anniversary in 2016.

Charles Cotton – Are running an authentic curry night with an award winning chef who has travelled through India and Sri Lanka-every Thursday evening until further notice.

Captain James Ellis -of Auckland New Zealand, late of Hartington, passed away, after a short illness on February 3rd, leaving wife Pat, daughters Jane & Claire also three grand- daughters. The main part of his life was at sea and involved in shipping until his retirement. He enjoyed his 90th birthday in June with his family.





Free Delivery






Plumbing and Heating Services.

All types of Plumbing, Bathroom Fitting, Tiling.

Registered Gas Fitter for Boilers & Servicing.

Contact Hartington 01298 84268 OR 07896258981.


British Legion Events– Reminder that there is a Quiz on the first Sunday of the month; Bingo on the third Sunday. Congratulations to Jill Dronfield who won the” Enid Wager Domino competition” on March 21st at the British legion. She played against Barry Wager in the final.

I (Mick) would like to give a big thank you to all the kind people who gave up their Saturday evening of the 28th of February to support my fund raising evening, held in the Hartington British Legion. £118 was kindly raised for Cancer Research. We tasted a splendid selection of malt whiskies skilfully selected for our enjoyment by Adrian Murray, proprietor of” The Wee Dram” whisky shop, Bakewell, followed by a hearty supper.. Jennifer & Harold’s tasty lobby.  Finally a big thank you to Harold & Jennifer Ball for their hospitality.     Michael Parsons



Call in for a coffee and cake and view the art works on display.


Paint a pot and decopatch available without booking.


Saturday Morning Clay Club (please call and book a place)

Every Saturday 10am – 12noon. Come along and create an on going project in our workshop in a relaxed and friendly group.

£6 includes materials, glazing and kiln firing.


Now Taking Bookings For Craft Parties, Children’s Birthday Parties & Adult’s Hen Parties etc.

For booking and info:

Tel: 01538 304604

Please check our website for current opening hours

Wetton Road, Butterton, Leek, Staffordshire, ST13 7ST.


Chris Smith

Construction & Joinery

All forms of property maintenance and construction.

Tel: 01298 687087 or 07585808652.



Thank you- Thank you- Thank you- I would like to thank each and every one of you personally for making my 90th birthday celebration so memorable. I had a wonderful time with family, relatives and friends over the past week.

Thank you for all my beautiful flowers, cards and gifts received and the donations that I have received will go to my three charities which supported me throughout the years. I will be giving them each a cheque for £50. They are Ashbourne Community Transport, Derby Shop mobility centre, Alstonefield Friendship Club. I would like to thank Biggin Village Hall Committee, Pam Nadin for the food, Bridget and Gerry at the Waterloo for the bar and Louis Birds for taking the photographs. Without them this would not have been possible. Finally, my children, Trevor, Desmond, Nigel and Diane; a special thank you to Diane for cakes and buns.

Thank you, love and best wishes. Phyllis Wragg

Birthdays- Special congratulations to Phyllis Wragg, Gwen Clayton and Vera Riley who have all celebrated their 90th birthdays recently. Three lovely happy family occasions. Thank you for the invitations !      Jen and David Brindley

Biggin WI

Thirteen members attended the February meeting. It was subs night so no speaker and in-house entertainment which was provided by members; Jennie sorted out the quiz and some members brought along a copy of the WI poetry book compiled some years previously. This provided lots of laughs and many happy memories of past and present members.

Biggin are hosts for the Group Meeting in April and members are reminded of the business meeting on March 18th and the Group walk around Winster in June.

March meeting- Mary the president opened the meeting with 11 members present with 5 visitors and apologies from Wendy, Thelma and Anne. The Centenary Garden Party at Buckingham Palace was discussed along with preliminary arrangements for the Group meeting in April. Members were also reminded that the WI is to have a stall both at the Waterloo Fun Day in July and also at Hartington Sports in September. Mary read a letter from a former member Bobbie who has moved to Norfolk, she is much missed but it is good to know that everything is working out for her over there.

Caroline Dale- Lech from the Red House Stables in Darley Dale was our guest speaker entertaining us with memories of her adventures with her Horse and Carriages. It would be difficult to recall a period film or TV series over the years that have not featured Caroline and her Carriages in some disguise or other. Weddings, Funerals, Miners Galas and Santa Claus, there seems no end to her services. She was warmly thanked by members and joined us for supper afterwards.                                           Biggin WI


Philip Wright Building & Joinery

Established for 39 years

Tradesman – City & Guilds (Advanced)

Extensions… Alterations… Full Refurbishment Loft Conversions… Internal & External Works

All trades covered

All works project managed including Building Regulations & Planning Permission obtained


Tel: 01298 84506 / 07971203089.


Hartington Nether Quarter Parish Burial Ground – The new burial ground is beginning to look very untidy and relatives of the deceased buried there are asked to co-operate in helping to keep tidy their individual plots, in accordance with the parish council and Derbyshire Dales District Council regulations.

Each burial plot is allowed an approved memorial headstone which must incorporate at least one vase but no more than two vases in the plinth; there should be no additional vases on any part of the burial plot. Only headstones of a material and size approved by the parish council are permitted.  No planting on graves is allowed other than winter flowering bulbs and foliage will be mown off during the first spring mowing. Wreaths are also permitted during the winter period and immediately after burial and must be discarded in the bin provided. Plastic flowers are not allowed and plants other than in the plinth pots are not permitted.

Garden of Remembrance: One memorial only is permitted in this area, maximum ground space 15”. Photographs are not permitted and only flowers contained in a vase incorporated into the memorial are allowed. A memorial wall is also provided on site and details are available from the parish council.  Hartington Nether Quarter Parish Council reserves the right to remove any unauthorised items from the parish council cemetery.







C.A.G.E.S. – held a Chinese New Year evening, with a meal. It was very well attended and enjoyed by everyone, and ended with a fantastic firework display. Thank you to everybody involved with the organising of the event and for those who attended.

Future events, May Market 23rd to 25th inclusive, in Church, 2pm till 5pm , Raffle, Tombola, Sales Tables, Refreshments. Flower Festival 28th to 31st August inclusive, in Church, 10am till 5.30pm, The theme this year is ‘Saints of our Parishes’,  Raffle, Tombola, Sales Tables, Refreshments

Chapel News.- Our community coffee morning meets in the Chapel on first Wednesday each month.

The March morning started in the usual way but what a lovely surprise when mid morning the door opened and we welcomed the youngest children from Earl Sterndale School. After drinks and biscuits the children told us the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar complete with delightful illustrations.

The reception class reminded us of the days of the week in a most original way and then we revised our tables! Then it was time for the children to chat to the adults. As it was world book day later that week many told the “grown ups” about the story and character they were dressing up as. The adults really enjoyed chatting to children individually and it was a most successful inter- generational activity. We hope the two age groups can meet regularly.

Messy Church This is a lively session held after school for all age children and their parents. Crafts, games, songs and a Bible story are followed by tea. Further details from Susan Shirley 83673

The Robert Jenkins Churchyard Fund-I would like to thank on behalf of The Robert Jenkins Churchyard Fund Beryl, Diane, Alan and families for the generous donation of £210 following the death of Derek Watson. This donation goes towards the upkeep and running costs of the mowers and maintenance of the churchyard. Clive Howarth, Robert Jenkins Churchyard Fund.

In November 2014 I published a book, BUXTON, BURBAGE, CHELMORTON, HARPUR HILL, PEAK DALE, KING STERNDALE and WORMHILL REMEMBERED– telling the stories of the lives and deaths of over 340 servicemen who lost their lives during the First World War and whose names are inscribed on the various war memorials. I am now researching the lives and deaths of all the service personnel from the same places, plus those from Fairfield and Earl Sterndale, who lost their lives during the Second World War.

In November 2015 I plan to publish the companion book, honouring the men of the Second World War. To do them justice, it would be helpful if any of their relatives or colleagues would be kind enough to take the trouble of contacting me so that I could go over the information I have already collected. Relatives may have further information, especially about their family background, whilst any photographs of them and their families would be a wonderful bonus, whether showing them as servicemen or old school class photographs.


The period I am dealing with stretches from the late 1920s to the end of the 1950s, for I am attempting to place them back into the places they would have been so familiar with, Therefore copies of photographs of activities and events in Buxton and the surrounding villages during this period would be much appreciated (school classes, well dressing, carnivals, street scenes, the winter of 1947 and Coronation festivities in 1953).

Life on the Home Front during the war will feature strongly and I would be most interested in any information, however small, and especially photographs to do with war- time in the area (RAF Harpur Hill, Home Guard unit activities, the evacuees, the ARP, POW Camps, etc).

At the end of the book I would like to include a section of photographs showing service men and women who were resident in the town or villages and who thankfully survived the war. They went through the same dangers as those who died. If anyone has a photograph of their relative in uniform, I would like to include it.


Keith Taylor can be contacted on 01629 732622 or on mobile 07790 575077 and at: ‘Wensleydale’ 4 Oker Road, South Darley, Matlock DE4 2JQ






Onecote Village Hall – Operated by the Onecote Village Hall Trust – Registered Charity Number 1064709

Want to know what’s happening at the village hall? Visit

Onecote Village Hall is available to hire for events and functions. This website can also serve as a community website for the village.

Alstonefield and District Friendship Club

Our next outing, on 8th April will include a carvery lunch at the ever-popular Boar’s Head Hotel at Sudbury, followed by a return visit to Planters Garden Centre at Bretby.  The cost of the coach will be £6 and the carvery lunch costs £4.99, with desserts from £3.00 – although Planters has an excellent tearoom, and some people will probably decide to go without a dessert and have tea and cake there!  Or both!

On 22nd April we have Chris Knight talking to us on the fascinating subject of “Auntie, the War’s Over” – he comes highly recommended.

Our May outing on 13th is a return visit to Sudbury Prison’s Secret Diner for lunch, followed by Staunton Harold’s Craft Courtyard.  We really enjoyed our last visit to Sudbury – and they let us out afterwards!

On 27th May we will be commemorating the end of World War II 70 years ago with a themed evening – wartime food and music, and some reminiscing.

We can pick you up for meetings or outings from a number of villages and everyone is very welcome to join us.  For more information, or to book a place on the coach for the outings (a week in advance each time, please) ring Lorraine on 01335 310353 or Ann on 01298 84394.



Handyman Services

Building & Roofing

Guttering & Pointing

Patio’s & Fencing

Wall and Floor Tiling, Painting & Decorating



Bathrooms & Kitchens Fitted


All types of Emergency Work

Friendly, Reliable & Professional Service

Contact:  Darren Barlow, Warslow

01298 84820 or 07973 468177.




Services for Sundays and other Major Festivals

Date Biggin Earl Sterndale Hartington Readings
2nd April

Maundy Thursday


Group Service – 7.30pm – Earl Sterndale

Holy Communion and Foot Washing

1st Corinthians 11 :

23 – 26

John 13 :

1 – 17, 31b – 35

3rd April

Good Friday


Group Service – 2.00pm – Hartington

Before the Cross



4th April

Holy Saturday

(Hangings removed)

Group Service – 7.30pm – Chelmorton

Easter Vigil



5th April



11.15 am

Holy Communion

11.15 am

Holy Communion

10.00 am

Holy Communion

Acts 10 : 34 – 43

Mark 16 : 1 – 8

12th April

2nd of Easter


          ~              ~ 10.00 am

Holy Communion

Acts 4 : 32 – 35

John 20 : 19 – 31

19th April

3rd of Easter


11.15 am

Holy Communion

11.15 am

Holy Communion

10.00 am

Family Service

Acts 3 : 12 – 19

Luke 24 : 36b – 48

26th April

4th of Easter






10.00 am

Holy Communion

Acts 4 : 5 – 12

John 10 : 11 – 18

3rd May

5th of Easter


11.15 am

Holy Communion

11.15 am

Holy Communion

8.00 am

1662 Communion

Acts 8 : 26 – 40

John 15 : 1 – 8


10th May

6th of Easter






10.00 am

Holy Communion

Acts 10 : 44 – 48

John 15 : 9 – 17

14th May


Ascension Day


Group Service for Ascension Day and

Rogation Procession 6.30 pm Monyash

Acts 1 : 1 – 11

Luke 24 : 44 – end


17th May

7th of Easter


11.15 am

Morning Worship

11.15 am

Holy Communion

10.00 am

Family Service

Acts 1 :

15 – 17, 21 – 26

John 17 : 6 – 19

24th May








10.00 am

Holy Communion

Acts 2 : 1 – 21

John 15 :

26 – 27 and 16 : 4b – 15

31st May



Group Service for Trinity Sunday

At 10.00 am Biggin

Isaiah 6 : 1 – 8

John 3 : 1 – 17

White Peak Group Registers


March 14th                                                           Ralph Broadbent and Kelly Gaunt             Biggin


Renewal of Marriage Vows

March 28th                                                           Phillip Stubbs and Anne Stubbs                 Hartington



January 12th                                                        Derek Watson                                                   Earl Sterndale

February 2nd                                                       Gerald Alfred  Davenport                             Earl Sterndale

February 12th                                                     Ruth Massey                                                      Taddington

February 14th                                                     May Woolley                                                     Monyash

March 5th                                                             Susan Topham                                                  Taddington

March 11th                                                           Marjorie Brown                                                                Chelmorton


Interments of Ashes:

March 18th                                                           Susan Topham                                                  Taddington

March 20th                                                           Mollie Glossop                                                  Hartington






25 Years Experience


Electrical, CCTV

Automated Gates

Computer Networks

Electrical Certification

PartP registered

Experience in wiring smart homes

Lutron Lighting


Trustworthy, Reliable Service

Contact: Romney Smith, Biggin

Mobile:             07889844796

















We would like to thank the following who have sponsored the 2015 issues:

Charles Cotton Hotel

Devonshire Arms

Cheese Shop

Dauphin Antiques

L & R Gregory, Bridge End, Farm

Anna & Laura Heeley, Emma Doak (Village Stores Hartington)








Waterloo Inn, Biggin

The Rook

Biggin Hall Country Hotel

Beresford Tea Rooms

Hartdale Motors Ltd

The Kings, Ivy House

A&S.PEACH Newsagent & General Store

“Curtain Call” Drama Group, Hartington.









We also wish to thank Hartington Hall YHA who allow the photocopying of the News and Views to be done on their premises free of charge

PLEASE EMAIL, WHERE POSSIBLE, ITEMS FOR THE NEXT ISSUE BY May 15th to or give to Margaret Partridge or Liz Broomhead.

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