Debbie King, sent this notification as the village of Tissington has joined the project. This link https://mailchi.mp/92ea49c6ae85/making-gowns-for-care-workers   explains what is involved and how we can help.

The following 5 points is an extract from the website but perhaps the first step could be for anyone in the Hartington community, who has old duvet covers or something similar could leave them at the Post Office by Tuesday 14th April; these would then be bagged up and taken to the Alstonefield Village Hall 

Alternatively you may be able to assist in one of the following ways:-
1. Dig out your old duvet covers.  If you are local to Alstonefield, please leave them in the Alstonefield Village Hall front porch at any time. If you are in the Ashbourne area, you can leave them outside Betty’s Sewing Box in the plastic covered box or contact Jeremy Elvins on 01335 344943 or 07971 322572.
2. If you are local and have a sewing machine, you may like to have a go at making some gowns yourself – the measurements for the pattern are below (see website). Finished garments can be left in the Alstonefield Village Hall porch (or contact Jeremy for collection).
3. If you don’t live nearby, you may want to contact your local care homes to find out if they could benefit from these gowns, and then start your own group. The measurements are below in the photo (see website)
4. Drawstring bags made from pillowcases (and pillowcase size) are also needed for use as washbags. Locally, finished washbags can be left in the Alstonefield Village Hall porch.
 5. If you can’t use a sewing machine, then perhaps you could just offer to cut out?

For clarification, duvets can be patterned or white, and should be cotton or poly-cotton so that they can be washed at a high temperature (so not polyester). The ties can be made with bias binding or with strips of matching fabric.

For more details see the website: https://mailchi.mp/92ea49c6ae85/making-gowns-for-care-workers

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