Cathelco Plans for the former Cheese Factory

 A last minute request has been made to the Parish Council for the Developer to present plans to the next meeting on 3rd September. 

 When questioning the urgency we have been informed that they wish to make an Application by the end of September and they intend mailing villagers with details of their proposals in the next few days!
Despite the fact that the Parish Council have had no discussions with the Developer since January 16, plus an invitation to see how proposals were proceeding from the Peak Park in March – we are now told an Application is imminent. We do not consider this proper community consultation.
Please feel free to attend Wednesday’s meeting at 7.30 in the Bakehouse where we will hear for the first time about the latest plans.
The Developer has been made aware we are looking for a development of less than 20 two storey houses, with a layout that enhances the village, on the footprint of current factory buildings and confined to land to the east of the farm track to Bridge End Farm.

David Annat
Chairman 29th August 2014

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