A Neighbourhood Plan for Hartington

  1. What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A Neighbourhood Plan is a planning document, produced by the Community and once a final draft is approved by an Independent Inspector, it is put to Village residents as a referendum. If there is a majority of villagers in favour, it is then adopted by the Local Authority (in our case the Peak Park) as part of its formal Development Plan.

A Neighbourhood Plan identifies:

  • how a Community wishes its Village to grow and develop; and what is needed in order to enable that Community to achieve that aim;
  • what is important to be protected and conserved in that Community, be it landscape, green spaces, specific ‘Views”, cultural and historical assets, buildings and landmarks, facilities and village layout;
  • how to meet identified housing needs; what types of new housing, the standard of build and design that should be permitted; where these houses can and cannot be built; how many should be allowed;
  • what transport and accessible facilities should be developed; how to manage traffic and parking issues;
  • how to support and develop established and new businesses and how to increase employment opportunities for its residents;
  • how to support and develop established and new Community facilities;
  • how a Community may wish to create sustainable energy projects.

Although a Neighbourhood Plan is a planning tool, it is formulated from a much broader range of aspirations and community objectives. Therefore, all ideas, views and opinions are welcomed and will be considered as part of the overall Vision for the future of Hartington.


  1. Why is a Neighbourhood Plan important?

A Neighbourhood Plan for Hartington is important because the growth, protection and development of our Village will be determined by the people who live here and not by those who don’t.

Although the Government has simplified planning laws, many think making it easier for building and development to take place. Having a Neighbourhood Plan allows local communities an important say in what happens in their locality.

The Cheese Factory site is a current issue for Hartington and with the Developer going to an Appeal, it may be determined ahead of a completed Plan.  If not, Hartington’s Neighbourhood Plan can clearly identify what we want from the site.

However the site is just one planning issue and there will be many others. This is an opportunity for villagers to discuss and agree an overall approach to planning for the Village.

  1. How can you get involved?

A Neighbourhood Plan has to be put forward by Parish or Town Council. However Hartington Parish Council want to ensure that all members of the Community have an opportunity to say what they would like to see happen and be provided in the Village over the next 15 years. They have already been joined by other residents to form a ‘Neighbourhood Plan Committee’ and would like others to join that Committee or volunteer to help.

Most importantly they want to hear ideas from all residents! The first stage will be a Village Meeting at 10am on Saturday 26th September 2015, in the Village Hall. This will take the form of a presentation about Neighbourhood Planning and an initial brainstorming of ideas to identify the key issues/ideas/challenges to include in the Neighbourhood Plan.

Anyone unable to attend this meeting will be invited to contribute to this process via one-to-one talks with a Committee member to ensure that their views are included in this initial consultation. In addition, all of the 25 Clubs and Societies in the Village will be invited to submit their ideas, as will local businesses, families of residents, second home and holiday home owners, all the Community Facilities (Village Hall, Surgery, School, Church, etc.), plus residents of Parishes adjoining Hartington Town Quarter who use the facilities here and visitors to the Village.

From this, a detailed questionnaire will be delivered to every household and business in the Village as part of the next stage of the process. It’s likely that this will be in the Spring of 2016.

  1. How long will this process take?

This process, because of it’s complexity and to ensure that everyone is involved, will probably take 18 to 24 months. The Parish Council want to ensure maximum participation and feedback in order that the final Plan is right for Hartington, it’s current and future residents and businesses. However, once in place, the Neighbourhood Plan will be a powerful tool in ensuring that the future development of Hartington is what we want and, it will be adopted as part of Peak Park Policy.


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