The 6th Flying Scotsman Rally

The 6th Flying Scotsman Rally arrived in Hartington Village today and the event was well attended.  Over 100 fantastic pre 41 cars parked up in the village centre on the day and enjoyed luncheon in the Charles Cotton Hotel.

The 2014 event breaks with past tradition and move the entire event for a “Great Northern” edition, starting out from the Forest of Arden, very close to and with easy access to Birmingham airport. This will see Day One drive north and west to an overnight hotel near Blackburn – so crews can enjoy driving the remote roads of Lancashire and Yorkshire from the start. This gets the event into the Scottish Borders on Day Two… we then drive much more of Scotland than has previously been possible, in a giant loop that sees us finish up again at one of Scotland’s finest hotels at Gleneagles, north of Edinburgh.

Eligible Cars 

Anything pre-war, with a pre-war chassis, and a pre-war engine design. Exceptions? We are open to persuasion that an HRG is essentially a pre-war car, and so too is an MG T-Type. If it’s got two leaf springs at the front, then you certainly stand a chance. We want the right pedigree of cars, and more importantly, we want crews with the right attitude – one of the remarkable things about this event is that you are not surrounded by loads of whingers and moaners. And they come from all over the world to join in.

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